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SC2 seven for seven, never forget

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Yesterday, StarCraft 2 did some campaign about seven things you loved about SC2. I’ll probably get around to doing something along those lines, but here are two lists I wrote up in the meantime.

Seven games I’d save if all of SC2 history was erased tomorrow:

  1. TaeJa vs INnoVation on newkirk. Still the best game ever played in SC2. An endless management game where both players fought for position, economics and army composition the entire game.
  2. MMA vs Gumiho on Antiga Shipyard. The second best game ever played in SC2. It is the spiritual predecessor to TaeJa vs INnoVation. The difference was that newkirk was a sprawling map. Antiga was a phone booth.
  3. Life vs Dream on Overgrowth. The best game the two ever played at the peak of their mechanical, tactical and strategic levels. Still the best TvZ I’ve seen.
  4. TaeJa vs Rain on Whirlwind. Rain was the best PvT late game player at the time and arguably the best late game Protoss player we’ve ever seen in SC2. He met his match when he played the only Terran player in history who could play the end game better than him.
  5. INnoVation vs DRG on Whirlwind. One of the few games where you can say mechanics decided everything. INnoVation is arguably the best (I think only Maru or soO can be argued to be above him) mechanical player SC2 has ever seen. In 2013, he was at the prime of his powers in a matchup where he was unstoppable. DongRaeGu was considered a washed up champion who was supposed to be swept away as the KeSPA Koreans came over. Instead we got DRG at the peak of his powers and I’d argue the only player to ever beat INnoVation head to head off of mechanics alone.
  6. INnoVation vs Mvp on Akilon wastes. At the beginning of 2013, TvT was a game that highly favored the mechanical player because of the hellbat drops. In Game 4 of the series between INnoVation and Mvp, Mvp lost 30+ scvs in the early stages of the game. This was to be Mvp’s last godlike performance of his career as he played arguably the best TvT player of that time in a meta that favored mechanical play down 30 scvs. One of the comebacks where I don’t consider it a throw as INnoVation did everything he always did, but could not account for Mvp finding the one way to make the game his.
  7. Mvp vs Squirtle on Atlantis Spaceship. There are times when SC2 is no longer a game about SC2. It is about fortitude, willpower, ingenuity. Squirtle deflected Mvp’s first all-in and that should have got him the GSL. It could have against any other player in the world in any other time period, except Mvp.

Seven things we should never forget.

  1. BL/infestor was real
  2. InCa ruined the one of the potentially great SC2 finals by beating NaDa. Instead, we got four games of him dying idiotically using DTs four times in a row to Nestea.
  3. BL/infestor was not solvable beyond race switching.
  4. When you are in a pit of depression, ask yourself if you ever streamed yourself crossdressing in a bikini for money and then having your dad catch you. No? Then you haven’t hit Dragon’s level of indignity yet.
  5. BL/infestor must never be forgotten as to how stupid it was.
  6. Stephano vs Petreas and MaNa vs Firecake are the two most disgusting games ever played in SC2. They are also among the highest viewed vods. Think about that for a moment.
  7. BL/infestor was fucking real, never forget it lest it come back.

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