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Two Overwatch fans turned their cars into D.Va shrines

Two Overwatch fans turned their cars into D.Va.
Two Overwatch fans turned their cars into D.Va. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Two Overwatch fans took their admiration for Overwatch hero D.Va to the extreme.

A Reddit user posted pictures of their D.Va themed “grocery getter,” and the love for the character is palpable. From deco stickers on all sides of the car, to a license plate that reads “NRF THS,” everything about the car is so painfully D.Va.

The decorations don’t end there either, as stickers can even be seen inside of the car. Most of all, the stick shift was modified to look exactly like one of the control sticks that D.Va uses when she’s inside of her iconic pink mech.

For one final hilarious touch, on the back of the car is a sticker of Korean writing that spells out “Made in Korea.”

D.Va, one the tank characters of Overwatch, is written as a former professional gamer turned military operative, using her mechanical prowess to control her mech unlike anyone else. Her incredibly pink mech and cute character design has captured the hearts of Overwatch fans, as she’s quickly become a fan favorite across multiple regions, spawning fan artwork, cosplay, and anything in between.

Another Redditor just happened to come across another huge D.Va fan who decorated their car thematically. If nothing else, the aesthetics of D.Va seem to resonate strongly with those who are willing to have their vehicles be a reflection of their fandom.

The dedication of these fans must be admired, as one can imagine how much time, effort, and money must have went into their respective modification, all for the love of a character in a video game. All of the photos of the first user’s car can be found on their Deviant Art page.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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