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Cho’Gath and Gargoyle Stoneplate is under Riot’s careful watch

Cho'Gath's interactions are being monitored.
Riot Games is monitoring Cho'Gath's interactions with Gargoyle Stoneplate. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games will monitor the interaction between the champion Cho’Gath and Gargoyle Stoneplate, according to Friday’s League of Legends dev blog post by Andrei “Meddler” van Roon. The team will keep an eye on it because of the item’s active effect and Cho’Gath’s stacking mechanic with his ultimate.

For full context, Cho’Gath’s ultimate, Feast, deals heavy amounts of true damage to champions and non-champion units with 10 percent of his bonus health added on to the damage. When he kills a unit with his ultimate, he gets one Feast stack. Those can be stacked indefinitely, but unlike epic monsters or champions, jungle mobs and minions only can give up to six stacks. Each stack gives Cho’Gath bonus health with no upper limit, and as the size of Cho’Gath’s model grows, he gets a boost in attack range up to 10 stacks, and more true damage to his ultimate.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is a tanking item that gives the wearer 40 extra armor and magic resist when three or more enemy champions are nearby, and it has an active component that increases the wearer’s health by 100 percent when the boost to armor and magic resist is active. Although it reduces the damage that is dealt by the wearer, but when a health-stacking true damage dealing Cho’Gath lumbers in with 100 percent more health in a team fight, the effect can be quite terrifying.

Meddler points out that he understands why the players might be upset with this champion-item synergy, but points out that Cho’Gath has a number of weaknesses, such as long cast times, limited mobility, and low reliability in terms of getting the intended item activation off. That being said, Gargoyle Stoneplate is still high on the watch list for now, and might be subjected to some changes down the line.


Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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