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On making comparisons between different eras

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

When you make a comparison between players or teams from two different eras, I think the important thing to remember is the context of what each player had to work with at the time. I’ll give an example. In 2010, it was mind blowing that MarineKing (at that point known as Foxer) had done the marinesplit to beat ling/baneling composition. Whereas today, I don’t consider it particularly impressive or noteworthy when someone does a split of equal or similar skill.

Here is another: When we talk about INnoVation’s skills now, a lot of people like to cite his win percentage on Aligulac. I don’t care as the only thing I like to consider is the results you get on LAN. Because of that, when I compare INnoVation from now to the INnoVation from 2013, I will always say that the INnoVation from 2013 is a better player. He played in an era where there were KeSPA┬áteams and he played at a time when everyone was gunning to take him down and could only focus on taking him down instead of streaming to make money. There were also more players in terms of depth during that period. In specific style, I also think that version of HotS fit all of INnoVation’s specific traits that make him a great player better than anything in LotV. Finally, I’m still more impressed watching one of his games from back then compared to one of his games now.


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