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Deft on Longzhu’s bottom lane: “I think they also make very good situational calls so I think we need to be careful of that.”

Deft says Longzhu's bottom lane is concerning.
Ahead of KT Rolster's tiebreaking LCK match with Longzhu, Deft said to watch out for the bottom lane combo of Pray and GorillA.

Longzhu Gaming’s bottom lane could be the most dangerous part of Tuesday’s clash between the first place League Champions Korea teams, according to KT Rolster’s AD Carry Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu.

KT defeated the bbq Olivers 2-1 on Friday to force a tie with Longzhu ahead of their match Tuesday. In a video interview with Fomos, Deft was asked which player concerns him most on Longzhu, and he named more than one.

“Because (Longzhu’s bot lane) has had historic synergy, I’m looking out for their laning ability,” he said. “I think they also make very good situational calls, so I think we need to be careful of that.”

Deft also pointed out the breakout performance of Longzhu’s mid laner Kwak “Bdd” Bo-seong, saying that Bdd is “a very good player as he continues to show consistent performances” even though he lacks experience.

Friday’s win against the Olivers wasn’t the cleanest, as KT lost the second game after having a Baron stolen. Deft said a 50-50 Smite fight around the Baron was due to ” bad communication,” and that “it’s the team’s fault for letting it get to that point to begin with.”

Veteran jungler Go “Score” Dong-bin apparently took the defeat the hardest, as the Game 2 loss was because of the stolen Baron. Deft provided some encouraging words for his jungler after the fact:

“It’s fine as long as we don’t let it get stolen in the finals,” he said with a smile, before quickly adding, “If we make the finals, that is.”

With a tie in first place, and top-tier teams like Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1 hot on their heels, KT will have to win its remaining two matches against Longzhu and SKT to clinch firs place for the regular season, which would result in an automatic berth in the summer finals. Deft said he hopes that’s the case, saying that going straight to the finals will give the team “plenty of time to prepare” for the match.


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