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The rOtk-BurNIng saga continues

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Both rOtk and BurNIng are legends of the Dota 2 scene. They both love each other like brothers but have never been able to successfully play together despite their mutual respect and friendship. Even though rOtk has been eliminated, he has come to Seattle to coach iG, BurNIng’s team. For those who don’t understand the relationship between the two, I’ll post some translated comments from when they casted TI6 last year.

Wings vs TNC, Rotk reading BanPick:

R: Wings will take Beast Master. If they don’t pick it, I will eat shit.

B: Do I have to prepare some for you?

LGD vs OG, Moon’s TideHunter 4-man ravaged.

B: With your years of experience on TideHunter, have you ever experienced a 4 man ravage? haven’t you? not even blink ravage?


On a huskar strat

R: I have a strat that can give Wings easy 2-0.

B: K.

R: Huskar, beat-everything.

B: So why didn’t you pick these beat-everything hero for us in our games?

R: … (Silence)

B: I can play anything.

R: You eat shit man.

R: Did Faith just lasso a illusion? or a creep?

B: I dunno, you like to lasso creep.

R: That was your order! You ask me to kill the easiest enemy!

When Newbee is demolishing Fnatic, Burning started to play poker on stream.

R: The fuck you playing poker half into the game observing! These Fnatic players are playing Mahjong on their high ground and you are playing poker?

Liquid with Antimage pick.

B: Look at this AM, he didn’t use my set.

R: Why use your set?

B: How can you win without using my set.

OG with the Antimage pick

B: 9k God’s AM isn’t that good man.

R: He used your set that’s why.

B: He only used the head piece, if he used the set he will be good.

General flames

R: Navi’s off lane is strong!

B: Yeah sure, He’s better than you.

R: Praise me.

B: I can’t find any angle.

B: This morph should get BKB. Without it he’s useless. Once he has it he’ll be like a brand new hero.

R: without bkb he’s you, once he has bkb he becomes me.

B: well then maybe he shouldn’t get bkb.


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