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Brand buffs reverted for now

Brand buffs might not go through after all.
Brand's supposed buffs have been reverted. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Any League of Legends fans hopeful that buffs to Brand would accompany his new skin will be disappointed — at least in the short term.

The buffs Brand received in Friday’s Public Beta Environment update have been reverted, according to an update Tuesday from Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon. Meddler says that experimentation is still on the table to make Brand more of a mid lane mage rather than an off-support pick.

The PBE buff — which increased the AP ratio, lowered the mana cost, and applied a new mechanic to his E — seemed to make Brand a “bit too mechanical,” and unnatural.

Meddler also mentioned Tuesday changes to how champion abilities interact with hitting wards. The design intent seems to be that abilities should stack on wards — for example, auto-attack augmentations based on how many auto-attacks hit a target — but that buffs shouldn’t. That means when a champion uses an ability that empowers auto-attacks that last a set amount of attacks, hitting wards should not count.

A good example would be Nami’s E, which buffs an allied target’s next three auto attacks to deal magic damage and apply a slow for a set amount of time. Currently the buffs are not consumed when hitting a ward. Meddler writes that there are some abilities that go against their intent, and that they should have reached the Public Beta Environment right now for testing.


Potentially more nerfs to the Ancient Coin line

As the new hot support item, the Ancient Coin line of items has already seen a nerf in the form of less mana returns from randomly dropped mana coins from minions. In terms of the free income it generates, Meddler writes that a nerf may or may not be necessary, as it is still unclear for now on how the mana return nerf will hit supports.

Loading screen tips to disappear sooner

A rather small yet very annoying situation with game tips that show up in the loading screen have been lasting too long. They’ll be shortened in the next patch.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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