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Arcade skins and items added to League of Legends PBE

Arcade skins and items hit the League of Legends PBE on Tuesday.
New arcade skins and items are coming to League of Legends soon. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

With new Arcade skins for a number of champions and for Summoner’s Rift itself, some new loot box-esque items hit the League of Legends Public Beta Environment on Tuesday.

The Arcade Boss World Crafting system is part of the PBE right now, where some rewards can be unlocked with “tickets.” For the time being, tickets can be purchased bundled with Hextech Chests and sets for Riot points. The rewards that can be obtained through tickets include three different types of Orbs, which act like loot boxes that give random drops.

The cheapest Good Orb for 80 tickets contains one of either a skin shard, a ward skin shard or a for champion shard. It also comes with a chance to drop a another Good Orb, a gem stone, or a Hextech Annie skin, which is only craftable with 10 gem stones. The Great Orb for 120 tickets contains a skin shard and a chance to drop either another Great Orb, a gem stone, or a Dreadnova Darius skin shard, which is only craftable with 10 gem stones. A Mega Orb for 150 tickets contains at least a legacy skin shard and a chance to drop another Mega Orb, two gemstones, and a Lancezero Hecarim skin shard, the most recent loot-exclusive skin.

Other items available for tickets are the new Battle Boss Baron icon with an event-exclusive emote for 80 tickets, a single key fragment for 40 tickets, and 10 blue essence for 10 tickets.

New splash art for skins hit the PBE

Some of the latest skins have received splash art added to the PBE, with Lancezero Hecarim being added with some minor touch ups to make it look better.

The official splash arts for Battle Boss Brand and Battle Boss Ziggs were added Monday. The splash art for Battle Boss Malzahar had already been added July 25, as the three new Battle Boss Skins were added for testing. It seemed like the other two weren’t as ready as Malzahar.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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