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Lunatic-Hai’s EscA opens up about extreme criticism he’s received from Korean Overwatch community

EscA went on a weird tangent about being hated by the Korean esports community
Lunatic-Hai's EscA went on a long tangent about the Korean esports community hating him.

Kim “EscA” In-jae, the DPS player for Lunatic-Hai, Korea’s best Overwatch team, addressed the amount of criticism he’s received from the Korean Overwatch community during a stream Tuesday.

During the stream, EscA went on a tangent about the public images some professionals have in the eyes of the community and commented that he gets “hated on” regardless of what he says.

“No matter what I say, people will badmouth me anyways,” he said. “Even if I offer an explanation (to a mistake) people just come back with ‘Then you should fix that problem and stop making excuses’ or something like that. If I don’t offer an explanation they just won’t know. What should I do? I just need to shut up.”

EscA has been the subject of harsh criticism as of late from various online community websites in Korea. As the posts have continued, EscA sounded like he was more than aware they exist. Specifically mentioning matches against Afreeca Freecs and Luxury Watch during OGN APEX Season 3, EscA said many people seem to share the opinion that he’s carried by his team, even though he thinks he did just fine.

It didn’t seem like he intended to dwell on the subject at all, as he was audibly upset about the matter. The peak of his on-stream frustration was visible when someone in chat said Lunatic-Hai came in first thanks to his play. EscA quickly responded to the sentiment.

“Don’t say that! I’ll get hated on more if you do! Everyone please, don’t say anything,” he said and later continued. “I need to keep in mind what I say, and now I have to keep in mind what other people may say since I’m the one who gets hated for it…It makes me not want to play anymore.”

Despite being clearly bothered by the trend of hate, EscA seemed like he was trying to get over it, laughing off at what he was saying times, or just plain venting. But it was clear what kind of toll the comments are taking on his mind, as he continued to make reference to the fact that he is “hated no matter what.”


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