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Overwatch Summer Games event will include new skins, discounted skins, and revamped Lucio Ball

Overwatch SUmmer Games 2017 includes new skins, discounted skins and revamped Lucio Ball.
Overwatch Summer Games is back. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan announced Tuesday the details behind Overwatch Summer Games 2017 through a YouTube video, which features plenty of new skins and a revived Lucio Ball.

The most anticipated perk from the event is exclusive skins new and old. Kaplan said new skins are coming for Junkrat, Mercy, Widowmaker, McCree, and some “silly stuff” as well. Last year’s exclusive Summer Games event skins will also be available this year, and this time all of the exclusive skins will be available for purchase with in-game credits. Last year’s event was somewhat controversial, as the exclusive skins could only be obtained through random loot box drops.

On top of being able to purchase skins with credits, last year’s Summer Games exclusive skins will be discounted in credit prices. That means players can buy the legendary tier skins for 1,000 credits instead of the usual 3,000 for event-exclusive legendary skins, and 250 instead of 750 for epic skins. The price for new skins is expected to have the usual credit price increase.

Lucio Ball, the popular game mode from last year, will make a comeback, this time in the Sydney Stadium in Australia. The game has received a number of tweaks to make it more fair, Kaplan said. Players can no longer push enemy players around with their alternate fire, and Lucio’s ultimate now gives players a boost in movement speed, jump height, and a stronger push to the ball with the alternate fire for a set amount of time.

There will also be a competitive portion to Lucio Ball this year, titled Copa Lucio Ball. For three weeks, players can engage in competitive games of Lucio Ball in a ranking system. Players who play 10 games of competitive Lucio Ball will get an exclusive spray, while the top 500 players in Copa Lucio Ball will get another exclusive spray of their own.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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