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How VP shut down dev1ce on Train in Game 3 of the ELEAGUE Major final

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Still in the middle of the research project. But I thought this was interesting and not something I’ll likely use later. If you look at the ELEAGUE Major, dev1ce was a menace throughout that tournament but especially on Train, as he played that three times in the Swiss system. As a player he is an incredibly mobile AWPer, especially on the CT-side where he has used 6 positions with his AWP. It was likely too hard to predict what dev1ce could do in the early phases on each round with the AWP, but that unpredictability only lasts in the early stages. If you go down to a 5-v-5 situation his rotation patterns at that tournament always have him end up on the B-side of Z connector and then later on in the back of the B site.

In Round 4, VP got the map control and drained the clock. At the end they faked a B hit and then quickly switched over to A meaning he was in no position to do anything with his AWP to stop it.

In round 6, VP did an A crunch, but they made sure to do two things: smoke between the bomb train and the wall opening from connector and plant for IV. This is because dev1ce’s mid/late positioning has him at Z connector and that is the fastest rotate he can make to reinforce the retake, but that nullifies anything he can do. dev1ce recognizes this and later on rotates from CT-spawn to T3 for retakes on A. We see this in round 8 and round 12 when he tries to retake the site.

Finally, in round 12 they use an AWP control setup for IV where Kjaerbye throws the smoke down alley. This makes it so anyone who challenges for IV has to go through smoke, but VP already had an answer for that which was to boost Pasha over it and then slowly walk in and snipe dev1ce’s position which speaks of some kind of scouting or at least a crime of opportunity.

As for T-side, dev1ce’s AWP never got into play as gla1ve threw the strat book out and went balls to the wall on fast hits that didn’t rely on it.


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