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Thunderlord’s Decree and Stormraider’s Surge revamped as new runes

Two new new runes in League of Legends will be revamped from already existing ones.
Two new new runes in League of Legends will be revamped from already existing ones. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Two new runes in League of Legends’ runes and masteries update will be quite familiar to competitive players.

According to a new Runes Corner post on the game’s development forum boards, Thunderlord’s Decree has become Stormlord’s Mandate, and Stormraider’s Surge has become Spellslinger’s Surge.

What sets the two new runes apart from their original counter parts is how the effects are activated. Instead of just hitting an enemy champion three times via spells or auto-attacks within a window of time, it needs to be three unique attacks or abilities to activate the effects.

Right now, the masteries get triggered even on spells that deal damage in an area over time. A common example is Miss Fortune’s E, Make it Rain, which slows and does damage to enemy units in an area for a couple of seconds. This meant that the effects of the masteries can be triggered with a single spell cast as long an an enemy champion is in it.

By making the conditions for the trigger more difficult, the amount of damage dealt for Stormlord’s Mandate and the movement speed for Spellslinger’s Surge have increased significantly. It makes sense because the return for triggering these effects should match the risk a player would be taking in terms of positioning, trading, or mana cost of abilities.

Another trade off is the cooldown time, which also increased dramatically. Thunderlord’s Decree now has a flat 50 second cooldown timer, and Spellslinger’s Surge’s cooldown time is 15 seconds, which is five more seconds than the cooldown time for Stormraider’s Surge. That also gives the opponents ample time to deal some damage back or just recuperate, assuming that they’re still alive, or at least not close to dead.

The ongoing rework of the League of Legends runes system has already shown progress. One new rune will let players throw a meteor at opponents, while another enhances a player’s speed and attack damage. Players will be able to go into gold debt to be able to buy items, and three new runes will help a player’s team gain vision.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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