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Pro players reflect on Bodyy’s Cache wall bang; KennyS never used it because “it’s his wall and it belongs to him, so I don’t want to take the credit for it.”

CS:GO pro players reflect on the bodyy wall bang.
CS:GO pro players reflect on the bodyy wall bang. Photo by Jussi Jaaskelainen/DreamHack.

When G2’s Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro first pulled out his infamous wall bang from T Spawn on Cache, the entire CS:GO world went crazy. Every time you found yourself on T-side Cache, you could guarantee at least two of your teammates would want to try it every round. Pro players spent hours figuring out how to do it themselves and it started to pop up in loads of pro games.

But just weeks after it was discovered and shown off in the pro scene it was patched out. Sure there are other similar wall bangs but this was one special because almost everyone loved the idea of it. But when it comes to the pro matches, its fairness was a little more debatable. To get the full story, Slingshot’s Mike Stubbs chatted to members of G2 and other teams to reflect on the wall bang.

Mike Stubbs: Bodyy’s Cache wall bang has now been patched out. Do you think that was the right move?

Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander (Astralis): That’s a tough question because I don’t really know. I think you could just change all the shots, because for normal playing, matchmaking and such, people won’t notice it. Yeah, I think you can just remove it. I think that’s fine.

MS: The first time he hit the shot it was against you guys. What were you thinking when it happened?

LR: Two times in a row. Two different rounds, but two times in a row he did it. We were like, what the fuck is going on? Of course we knew the shot was coming from T spawn, but we were still thinking what the fuck is this.

MS: Cache just got updated to remove bodyy’s wall bang. Do you think that they should have removed that or would you have liked to have seen it stay in the game?

Kenny “kennyS” Schrub (G2): I don’t know, I think it’s not that bad and that it would have been fine to keep it for a while. But I think it’s not that important.

MS: We saw a few times where you would give him the AWP to let him try and hit that shot and he would give it back. Why did you do that? Why didn’t you just learn how to do it and take the shot yourself?KS: Well, because first of all I don’t know how to do it. I actually managed to twice in a row a couple of days ago, but the main reason is that it’s his wall and it belongs to him, so I don’t want to take the credit for it.

MS: Cache just got updated to remove bodyy’s wall bang. Do you think that they should have removed that or would you have liked to have seen it stay?

Jesper “JW” Wecksell (Fnatic): I think they should have gotten rid of it. It ruined Cache for quite a bit, in my opinion. You can always get a free kill without even getting the chance to revenge kill. It’s quite broken in that way. I mean, if our boost was illegal, then I guess this should be illegal as well.

MS: Cache has now been edited to remove Body’s famous wall bang. Do you think that should have been removed?

Richard “shox” Papillon (G2): Honestly, when they talked to me and said it was removed, I was first thinking it was a joke, ’cause I was like, no way, you are not gonna just remove it like this. In finding it’s true, I don’t really, honestly, understand, ’cause in my opinion it added something funny and something new, which I think we need, you know?

It was not too overpowered in my opinion because you had a lot of tactics to just avoid it. You could crouch, you could go two seconds later, you could jump, you could do whatever you want. I just don’t understand why they removed it, because in my opinion, it was not overpowered. You just have to try something, to shoot at the timer, so basically, if you are not totally stupid, you can easily avoid it when you know it.

MS: Bodyy’s wall bang just got patched out of Cache. Are you sad to see it go?

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo (SK Gaming): No, I think to should be removed to be honest. I don’t think idea of this game is to kill someone without giving them a chance to fight. It’s just too much, I think, when you can kill someone without taking a risk. It’s just too easy to do it. I think it’s better to remove it.

MS: Did you ever try it in a game?

GT: I think I tried it once or two times, but it never worked out for me. I knew they would probably change so I didn’t take too much time into it.

MS: So your wall bang got patched out. Do you think that was the right decision?

Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro (G2): I don’t really mind since it is just a bonus. It’s not something you should rely on as it’s not something that is 100 percent.

MS: So how did you find out about this wall bang?

AP: I was playing FaceIt with my friends and a friend showed me it. So I didn’t find this.

MS: We have seen quite a few times that you made Kenny give you the AWP to try and hit the shot before swapping back. Why did you do that?

AP: Well, I did it first. I didn’t ask him, I just brought the AWP and did it first time. Since then I have started to ask him for the AWP and he was just like “oh alright take it.” But at the end he wanted to do it. He wanted to steal the whole thing.

Cover photo by Jussi Jaaskelainen/DreamHack.