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Trailer released for ‘Good Game,’ an esports-themed comedy series coming to YouTube Red

Good Game is a YouTube Red shoe based on esports.
Good Game is a YouTube Red shoe based on esports.

The trailer has been released for “Good Game,” an esports-themed comedy show that will premiere Aug. 30 on YouTube Red.

The show is produced by Dan Harmon, co-creator of the hit animated show Rick and Morty, and will star Arin Hansen and Dan Avidan, the hosts of Game Grumps, a popular Let’s Play web series. The story revolves around a group of misfit gamers who come together in order to compete in a tournament of a fictional esport called Blood Match for a $1 million.

The show takes clear queues from the success of games like League of legends, as Blood Match is a five-on-five MOBA game and shows a stage setup that will look quite familiar to viewers of the North American and European League Championship Series. The announcement comes almost a year after the initial idea for the show came to light.

The online streaming service YouTube Red has a $10 dollar/month subscription model, and paying customers can watch videos without ads. Subscribers also receive access to free music through Google Play and original shows like “Good Game.” Game Grumps is one of YouTube’s most popular gaming channels, as it has just short of 4 million subscribers.


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