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Geguri signs with ROX Orcas Overwatch team, will become first woman to compete in OGN APEX

Geguri signed with the ROX Orcas' Overwatch team and will become the first woman to play in OGN APEX.
Geguri signed with the ROX Orcas team and will become the first woman to play in OGN Overwatch APEX.

Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon, the Overwatch player famous for her Zarya play, has signed with ROX Orcas, the player told ESPN.

The signing will make Geguri the first woman to compete in OGN APEX, as the Orcas are among the teams that will compete in Season 4.

Geguri initially created a buzz in the Korean Overwatch community for her play as Zarya. She was embroiled in accusation of cheating during the Nexus Cup — an online tournament hosted by Inven — due to her accuracy being perceived as “too good.” A number of players from Team Dizziness, one of the opponents of Geguri’s team, jumped on the bandwagon, saying that if she could prove that her skill is legitimate, they would retire from professional Overwatch.

She was able to prove her skill in a monitored setting with Inven, showcasing that she really was just that good at aiming with Zarya. Geguri became an overnight sensation, and the accusers posted public apologies, with those who were visibly engaging in the controversy being removed from the team entirely.

Despite the hype, Geguri wasn’t able to see much success in professional play. Her team, EHOME Spear, failed to reach APEX Challenger, the secondary league for APEX and disbanded in June. The ROX Orcas will play in Season 4 as part of the league’s new structure.

With the return of Zarya in the competitive meta, it will be intriguing to see Geguri on the main stage.


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