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Riot Games teases new League of Legends champion named Ornn the Mountainsmith

Riot Games teased a new League of Legends champion named Orrn the Mountainsmith.
Riot Games teased a new League of Legends champion named Orrn the Mountainsmith. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games released Saturday a teaser for a new League of Legends champion believed to be named Ornn the Mountainsmith.

On the page dedicated to one of the regions in the world of League, the Freljord, a picture of what looks like a horn as been added. When clicked, it leads to a new page with a song and a written poem titled “The Path to Hearth-Home.” The poem specifically mentions “Ornn the Mountainsmith,” a new champion believed to hit the Public Beta Environment in an upcoming patch cycle.

Riot previously teased a new vanguard champion that featured the same picture of a horn. Although no more details are listed as to what Ornn might look like or play like, there are some bits of information. Ornn is most likely going to be an initiation-focused champion, and his gameplay is most likely going to be around charging “headfirst into tough situations and made the enemy team fight on their terms.” Other than that, he will also be “self-reliant” as well, with a unique passive, which makes one think of a way that Ornn will keep himself alive, perhaps through shields or heals that don’t depend on his allies.

The Freljord is the icy region of Runeterra and home to a number of champions that exist in the game. Most prominent among them are the leaders of the three factions vying for control over the region. Ashe and Tryndamere are the queen and king of the Avarosa faction, which aims to establish an alliance within the region. Sejuani is the leader of the Winter’s Claw, a faction that wishes to conquer the region through sheer force. Lissandra is the leader of the Frostguard, a long-forgotten force of the Freljord, and the dormant previous rulers of the region.

Ornn would be the second new champion in the last month, as Kayn was revealed in the early part of July.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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