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Next slew of teasers for League of Legends’ new rune system will feature non-damage dealing runes

The new rune system for League of Legends will also include non-damage dealing runes.
Rengar changes are coming in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon laid out Friday upcoming features and content regarding the new rune system coming to League of Legends.

Following some new rune teasers that have to do with dealing damage, the next few will be about runes that don’t have anything to do with damage. Starting this week, there will be a number of regular runes on display that are non-damage options in the inspiration tree. The week after that will be some non-damage keystone runes, most likely one from Resolve and one from Inspiration.

An online rune simulator is also in the works and will hit League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment when the new runes make their way to to the PBE. Players will be able to use it to find the best rune setups for their play styles without having to commit to it on Day 1. It’ll most likely be in the form of a webpage with an interface that’s similar to be the one that will be used in-game. This has been a long-requested feature and the first time Riot will utilize it.

Non-rune content in the preseason project pipe line

Meddler did not go into detail, but he said Riot has been working on some other projects aside from the new rune system. So there will be another new feature by the time the preseason hits, it appears.

Rengar tweaks are on the way

Although the team doesn’t have any real balance plans for him yet, it’s still not quite happy with where Rengar stands. That means that another large scale rework will be coming his way, after the aforementioned ones for Azir and Leblanc. Rengar has gone through a comical number of balance tweaks and reworks since he was added to the game, and he’s still not in a healthy spot.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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