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SKT to start selling Faker-themed shirts, hats, mousepads and more in global online store

SKT will start selling Faker-themed merchandise in a global online store.
SK Telecom T1 will start selling Faker-themed merchandise through a global online store later this month. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

SK Telecom T1 will start selling themed goods surrounding superstar player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok later this month, labeling them “Faker Edition” goods.

SKT will offer fans the chance to buy Faker-themed t-shirts, mousepads, snapback hats, action figures starting Aug. 30, according to a press release. Some of the items, such as shirts, hats and pins, had a brief prototype run during China Joy, a gaming convention in Shanghai, where Faker was personally present to advertise the items.

The homepage of the official website for the merchandise contains a teaser video with the tagline “FINALLY HE COMES” in giant red lettering. Superplay, the host of the online store, will put its focus on the massive Chinese market as well as the growing esports market in Southeast Asia, according to the press release. But when reached by Slingshot, a spokesperson for Superplay said the merchandise will be available for fans to buy all over the world.

“Seeing my ID and character being used for products is amazing and gives me a new kind of feeling,” Faker said in the release. “I await for this kind of ‘special edition’ goods for other players under the SKT banner.”

Faker is widely regarded as the best League of Legends player in the world and perhaps the most recognizable player in all of esports. With three world championships and six more domestic championships in Korea, Faker’s status has continued to rise. His team is the defending world champion and will look to defend its title, first starting through the LCK summer playoffs this weekend.

Pictures of some of the items have surfaced through social media, including the aforementioned snap-backs in two colors, figurine, poster, and button that made their debut at China Joy 2017.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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