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All Random Ultra Rapid Fire game mode returns for League of Legends patch 7.16

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire has returned to League of Legends Patch 7.16.
All Random Ultra Rapid Fire will be available during the duration of League of Legends Patch 7.16.

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, a fan favorite rotating game mode in League of Legends, will be active in Patch 7.16 from Wednesday through Aug. 24.

The Ultra Rapid Fire mode was added to the game as an April Fools joke in 2014. In the alternate mode, all champions receive an 80 percent increase in cool down reduction, including for their summoner spells. It also reduces resource costs — such as mana or energy — for their abilities and doubles the attack speed bonuses for long-range champions, resulting in a faster-paced game of League of Legends.

The game mode also pretended to be a legitimate direction that Riot wanted to take League of Legends in a sort of tongue-in-cheek announcement video. It quickly became one of the most popular rotating game modes due to its fast pace and hectic nature compared to long-winded games in Normal or Ranked play.

The game mode made returned in 2015 with some balance changes — comically called New Ultra Rapid Fire, or NURF — and last year as a spin-off, called All Random Ultra Rapid Fire. As part of the new rotating game modes in 2016, ARURF would make players have to play a random champion with the same parameters of URF, creating an extra layer of randomness for players.

Apart from the buffs to ability usage, the movement speed, tenacity, and gold income were increased to create a hyper-fast game mode. The URF emote will make a comeback, too, and because the champion re-rolls for ARURF and the All Random All Mid game mode are shared, the rate of which players earn their re-rolls has been increased for both. Non-ultimate shields scalings are down by 50 percent, as shield spamming with an 80 percent cool down reduction means some champions just do not take any damage.

The other highlights of the latest League of Legends patch include a bevy of champion changes and the implementation of vision pings, though users will have to manually add the feature as a hotkey.


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