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New event called Arcade Boss World comes to League of Legends

Arcade Boss World is a new event coming to League of Legends.
Arcade Boss World is a new event coming to League of Legends with daily missions and bonuses. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games announced Wednesday a new event to hit the League of Legends client called the Arcade Boss World event, which will have unique missions, rewards, purchasable passes to daily missions, and tickets that can be used to buy in-game loot.

Players can unlock the new daily missions by completing the first one titled “Villains Rule!” Doing that also earns the player a New Level summoner icon. The first two mission lines unlocked are Game Start: Blitzcrank and Game Start: Veigar. Afterwards, any missions during the event requires playing the game while equipping one of the 13 arcade-themed summoner icons.

The additional Game Start: Brand, Game Start: Ziggs, and Game Start: Malzahar mission lines are accessible through a Dungeon Pass or Mini-Dungeon Pass, which is purchasable in the Riot store. The Mini-Dungeon Pass will cost 650 Riot Points ($5) and will give players access to the daily missions of the mentioned mission lines, the Arcade Poro Ward skin, and 140 tickets. The Dungeon Pass will cost 2,600 RP ($20) and give players the Arcade Poro Ward skin, the Arcade Poro summoner icon, a Gemstone, five Great Orbs, two Good Orbs, one Mega Orb, and 360 tickets.

Completing the line of daily missions during the event, which runs for two weeks starting Thursday, will reward players with tickets. Players can use them to buy various items, including three different types of orbs that act like loot boxes. The tickets and Orbs have been tested in a previous Public Beta Environment update, and tickets can also be bundled with Hextech Chests and sets for Riot points.

The cheapest Good Orb for 80 tickets contains one of either a skin shard, a ward skin shard or a champion shard. It also comes with a chance to drop a another Good Orb, a gem stone, or a Hextech Annie skin, which is only craftable with 10 gem stones. The Great Orb for 120 tickets contains a skin shard and a chance to drop either another Great Orb, a gem stone, or a Dreadnova Darius skin shard, which is only craftable with 10 gem stones. A Mega Orb for 150 tickets contains at least a legacy skin shard and a chance to drop another Mega Orb, two gemstones, and a Lancezero Hecarim skin shard, the most recent loot-exclusive skin.

Any tickets that remain in a player’s inventory after the end of the event will expire, so players are encouraged to cash in tickets to open Orbs before the event comes to a close.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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