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FACEIT will host Season 2 of Overwatch Open Division in Western Europe

FaceIt will host Season 2 of the Overwatch Open Division
FaceIt will host Season 2 of the Overwatch Open Division

FaceIt announced Wednesday it will host Season 2 of Western Europe’s Overwatch Open Division, a tournament designed to give high ranking players in the game a chance to showcase their skill through a more structured tier of competition.

Initially announced June 15 by Blizzard, the Open Division is open to any player who has reached Masters tier or above in the most recent competitive season — in this case from May 1 to Aug. 24 — and is at least 13 years old. The goal of the Open Division is to give the top ranked players in Overwatch an opportunity to compete in a more official tournament structure, adding experience to aspiring professionals.

Registration for Season 2 is open until Aug. 21, and interested players can sign up through FaceIt as a group or join a team though the FaceIt Overwatch Teamfinder. Blizzard will run eligibility checks on all registered players, and teams will be afforded time from Aug. 26 to Sept. 1 to lock in their final rosters.

Regional eligibility has been clarified for the upcoming season. All players who reside in eligible countries in Western Europe are able to compete, which means that a team made up of players from both Western and Eastern Europe is eligible to compete, as long as all players live in the Western European region.

FaceIt also hosted Season 1 Open Division in Western Europe, which is still underway. The playoffs will take place Aug. 26-27. The champion of each region will earn a $50 reward in their Blizzard account, second place players will get $40 each, and third place will get $30. The prize structure is the same for Season 2.

The tournament will utilize the Swiss format and take place on a weekly basis on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, beginning Sep. 7 and ending Oct. 22. The playoffs will run Oct. 28 and 29. There have been other regional Open Divisions including North America, Korea, Southeast Asia, and more.


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