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London and second LA Overwatch League spots announced, Zeus returns to Na’Vi

Our top stories from Wednesday:

A look at how Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu has come into his own this year.

A League of Legends interview with EnVyUs’ Nisqy.

A look at Bok “Reapered” Han-Gyu’s coaching evolution.

Analyzing Dota 2 team roles for the casual or new viewer.

Valve released a teaser for Artifact, a Dota based digital card game.

Arteezy became the third player to reach 10K MMR in Dota 2.

Astralis will compete in a CS:GO tournament run by its majority owner.

The Brooklyn Beatdown is returning to ESL One New York.

A new event called Arcade Boss World is coming to League of Legends.

FaceIt will host Season 2 of the Overwatch Open Division.

Natus Vincere reacquired Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko, capping an odd few days.

Ornn’s item boosts hit the League of Legends PBE.

GorillA says he’s excited to see which ex-ROX Tiger teammate plays him in the LCK final.

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League of Legends

A legacy deferred: The story of Nukeduck.

What League of Legends looks like to colorblind players.

Vayne received a massive buff.

An odd new rune path was revealed.


An interview with Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko about rejoining Natus Vincere.

Team Liquid was invited to ESL One New York.

Vega Squadron renewed the contracts of its players.


Two more Overwatch League slots, in London and Los Angeles, have been announced.


An infographic projecting The International’s prize pool for the next three years (Dota 2).

A look at three of the strongest heroes from the original Dota.

A profile of Justin “Plup” McGrath (Super Smash Bros).


The International 7 (Dota 2)

Lower bracket

OG 2:0 TNC

LGD 2:0 Digital Chaos

Upper bracket

Newbee 2:1 Invictus Gaming

LGD.Forever Young 2:0


(All times Eastern)

The International 7 (Dota 2)

Lower bracket

Team Liquid vs. Empire, 1 p.m.

OG vs. LGD, 4 p.m. vs. TBD, 7 p.m.

European League Championship Series (LoL)

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Fnatic, 11 a.m.

G2 vs. ROCCAT, 2 p.m.

League Champions Korea (LoL)

Playoffs first round

SK Telecom T1 vs. Afreeca Freecs, 4 a.m. Friday


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