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Riot Games reverses ban on team running pacifist League of Legends strategy

Riot Games reversed a ban against a team playing a pacifist strategy in League of Legends.
Riot Games reversed a ban against a team playing a pacifist strategy in League of Legends.

Riot Games reversed a ban it levied against a group of players called Ascension Pacifists, a team that uses a “pacifist” strategy to play the game that involves winning a match on the game mode Ascension without killing the enemies.

In a now-deleted Reddit post from Wednesday, Reddit user AbacaxiAtrevido posted screenshots of four members of Ascension Pacifists on the European server receiving 14-day bans each due to “player reported intentional feeding.” The post accused Riot of banning the players for utilizing an unusual strategy, something that Riot expressed it didn’t want to do. Rioter Draggles replied on the post and wrote the EU team will look into the matter, promising a fix if the players had indeed been banned for the wrong reasons.

Riot posted Wednesday to notify the community that the bans were a mistake, as the players weren’t intentionally feeding, just engaging in a strategy. Although Riot admitted fault, the post adds that the strategy is “deeply unhealthy,” and the team will adjust the game to make that strategy less viable.

“As far as Ascension, the pacifist strategy is actually just fine, however it’s deeply unhealthy and unfun when players abuse it to stretch a game to absurd lengths in an effort to force opponents to surrender,” the post reads. “We’ll be looking to update the game mode and reduce or remove the viability of this trolly version of the pacifist strategy.”

By buying nothing but tank items on five tanky champions, the team using such a strategy functionally grinds the match to a halt, as their enemies can’t get points for killing their opponents and can’t buy items because in the Ascension game mode, players are unable to go to the store to buy items unless they die. Games usually end in surrenders, as players simply grow tired and want it to end.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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