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Roadhog and Junkrat changes are coming to Overwatch PTR

Junkrat and Roadhog changes are coming to the Overwatch PTR
Junkrat and Roadhog changes are coming to the Overwatch PTR. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan had two brief but discussion-provoking posts on the Overwatch forums in the last day, one of them teasing Junkrat and Roadhog changes.

The game added customizable crosshairs in the most recent patch. Although players were very happy to see the addition, there have been some visibility problems. Certain maps and lighting seems to bury the reticle, making it difficult to aim, and after Kaplan said the team is working on a fix, he gave a full run down Wednesday of what changes will be coming to the PTR.

“Specifically we’re adding an Outline Opacity option,” he wrote. “This option will be tested when the PTR comes up (this also has Roadhog, Junkrat changes — and more).”

Roadhog changes were initially mentioned by principle designer Geoff Goodman on July 25, as the community desire for a buff seemed to peak. Two potential changes can be implemented, where Roadhog receives -50 percent damage taken while using Take a Breather, and allowing him to move at full speed while inhaling.

Changes to Junkrat were also addressed by Goodman, with plans to change the way his Concussion Mine works so he can use it more frequently and jump higher and make his ultimate ability a bit better with either more health to the Rip Tire or making it move faster.

On Thursday, Kaplan replied to a forum post complaining about the frequency of meeting Hanzo and Widowmaker — perhaps two of the most hated heroes in the game — in quick play, Kaplan responded by posting the most played heroes in quick play from Aug. 2-9. With Genji being number one “by a long shot,” and both Hanzo and Widowmaker at third and seventh place respectively. Although Kaplan didn’t add the exact numbers, he did contextualize the rankings in the reply.

“Overall, the playtime looks pretty smooth from one hero to the next with Genji being the only dramatic outlier,” he wrote. People really like to play Genji.”

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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