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Every new rune coming to League of Legends so far

Every new rune coming to League of Legends so far
Every new rune coming to League of Legends so far.

Riot Games is in the midst of revamping the entire rune and masteries system in League of Legends, as it will combine the two and make them all free by next season. Information has trickled slowly about the different runes, and we’ve compiled a list of all them that have been announced so far. Be sure to check back to make sure you don’t miss any part of the new rune system rollout.

Store Credit: Allows players to go into gold debt in order to buy items (June 28).

Perfectionist, Magical footwear, Bloodlust, Runied King’s Tribute: Bloodlust allows the wielder to gain 15 percent of missing health per takedown, which means champion kill, assist, or tower kill. Ruined King’s Tribute lets the user’s auto attack every four seconds deal damage equal to 3 percent of the attack’s max health and heals the attacker from 20 to 75 percent of that amount based on level. Ranged attacks have those values halved (July 6)

Tilted Meteor: Allows users to drop a meteor on an opponent’s head (July 13).

Hunt of the Blood Moon: a significant boost in movement speedGives users and increases damage dealt (July 20).

Trophy Collector, Watchful Poro, Zombie Ward: These vision-based runes seem to signal a real motion to push the power of players who spend the time killing enemy vision (July 26).

Stormlord’s Mandate, Spellslinger’s Surge: The new version of already existing masteries are more difficult to activate. Both need three unique attacks or damaging spells to trigger the rune’s effects, which include a boost in damage (Stormlord’s Mandate) or speed (Spellslinger’s Surge) for a brief amount of time (Aug. 3).

Channel-Blink: The potentially game-changing rune is “Flash lite,” and can only be used when Flash is on cooldown (Aug. 10).

Stopwatch: This rune allows users to essentially activate a mini-Zhonya’s Hourglass. Using this rune will make the players invulnerable, but unable to move, cast spells, attack, or use items for 2.5 seconds (Aug. 10).

Guardian Soul: The support-beneficial rune allows players to shield allies by right-clicking them. When the ally takes damage, the rune activates, and the ally and the rune carrier receive a shield (Aug. 16).

Summoner Specialist: The rune, stemming from the Inspiration Tree, allows players to change summoner spells in the middle of the game (Aug. 24).

Hextech Freezeray: This rune, likely best suited as a pre-game buy, allows the first attack on an enemy champion to slow them for 1.5 seconds (Aug. 24).

Ultimore: This rune will allow players to use their ultimate more frequently by gradually decreasing the cooldown timer for it (Aug. 30).

Gathering Storm: Designed to give champions a boost in the late game by gradually increasing attack damage and ability power (Aug. 30).

Legend: Alacrity: Gives players a base 5 percent increase of attack speed, with an extra 3 percent each time the player earns a stack, up to a maximum of five times (Sept. 7)

Legend: Bloodline: Gives players 1 percent of life steal for every Legend stack, up to a maximum of five times (Sept. 7).

Legend: Tenacity: Gives players a base 3 percent increase of tenacity — which reduces the length of crowd control effects except suppression, displacements, and stasis  — plus an additional 5 percent per legend stack to a maximum of five times (Sept. 7).

Perseverance: Gives players a 25 percent boost to tenacity and 25 percent more slow resistance for 10 seconds after they use a summoner spell (Sept. 14).

Demolish: Allows players to charge up high damage attacks against enemy tower over four seconds while they are within 600 range of the turret (Sept. 14).

Font of Life: Marks an enemy champion when their movement is impaired by the player with the rune for four seconds (Sept. 14).

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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