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Ex-Penta manager accused of trying to influence players to leave; manager says org threatened him

The ex-Penta manager says he was threatened after leaving the org.
The contentious departure of Penta's manager has been debated by both sides.

When Penta manager Andreas “shadjEAh” Pullitzky‏ announced his departure from the organization July 23, the timing seemed odd. Penta had just completed the PGL Krakow Major in which it was a surprise qualifier, but shadjEAh left the impression his split from the team was amicable.

“From my side, (the top) is the only way to go, cause I want to go higher and PENTA is not able to move further,” shadjEAh wrote three days later. “Esports is more than having fun for me.”

As it turned out, the departure was anything but cordial. Sources close to the team said he was kicked because he was trying to influence players to breach contract and join a new organization, but shadjEAh claims he left on his own accord and has been threatened for wanting to leave.

According to one source, shadjEAh contacted other organizations — without Penta’s knowledge — prior to the PGL Major in an attempt to find the Penta players a better place to play. Penta had no desire to sell the players, and the notion wasn’t even considered. After discovering what shadjEAh had attempted, the source explained, Penta’s owners approached him at the Major and kicked him from the organization for trying to sway the players into breaching their contracts.

ShadjEAh offered a different story, as he told Slingshot he planned to leave Penta on his own accord after feeling like the organization didn’t treat the players fairly. He said he didn’t facilitate any conversations the Penta players might have had with any other organization. Multiple organizations had contact with the players, according to sources, though it’s unclear who initiated the talks. The Penta players declined comment.

If shadjEAh had spoken to a particular organization, he said, it was to explore his own opportunities and create a new CS:GO division for their brand. He also said he had no intentions of moving players from Penta with him.

ShadjEAh’s problems with the org stemmed in part from lack of communication. Messages were often left unread for weeks at a time, and he felt his services weren’t being appreciated. Therefore, leading up to the Major, he decided it would be his last event with Penta, he said. The accounts differ as to whether he left on his own or if the team dropped him that day.

ShadjEAh said he began receiving threats from Penta board members following his statement. One came from Penta’s CMO and co-owner, Andreas Schaetzke, who told him “don’t play with fire” before leaving a message in Russian that two independent sources who knew the language had difficulty clarifying.







Johannes “Jonny” Gürtler, another co-owner of Penta, told shadjEAh in German (which was independently verified by Slingshot): “You don’t know me yet, but you will get to know me for sure” and “we will take (special) care of you then” in a derogatory sense of the word. ShadjEAh said there were more messages, but they were deleted before he could save them.













Penta could not be reached for comment.


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