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Ornn nerfs and Yasuo buffs highlight latest League of Legends PBE update

Ornn nerfs and Yasuo buffs are on the way in the League of Legends PBE.
Yasuo buffs are live in the League of Legends PBE for the Patch 7.17 cycle. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

With the Arcade Boss World live, balance adjustments and new features were added Friday to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment, including Ornn nerfs and Yasuo buffs.

Ornn, the game’s newest champion, has already become popular with his unique passive of buying an item anywhere on the map and ability to upgrade certain items for allies. He will receive his first pre-release nerf on his E, which allows him to charge at enemies, and emit a shock wave for more damage and knock them up if they hit a piece of terrain in the process. The ability also takes a ratio of his armor for added damage on his charge and magic resist for added damage to the shock wave. Now instead of 40 percent for both, it’ll be 30 percent.

His ability to quickly clear the jungle has also been noted. Jungle Ornn players have been maxing his W, which makes Ornn deal damage out in an area in front of him, and applying the unique passive effect of “Brittle” with the last tick. When Ornn uses immobilizing abilities, he consumes the Brittle stack and deals a portion of his target’s maximum health as bonus magic damage while making the immobilizing effect last 30 percent longer. Large monsters like the Blue and Red buff then die to Ornn without being able to deal much damage, and with his ability to buy items in the jungle, he can quite literally stay in it for a prolonged period of time.

His upgrade to one of his items also received a small nerf, which is for the Locket of the Iron Solari. Instead of 50 armor, it will now give the item owner 45 armor.

Yasuo buffed

Yasuo, perhaps the most hated champion after Teemo, is in line for buffs in the next patch. Yasuo’s base magic resist went up from 30 to 32.1 and magic resist per level from .5 to 1.25. His passive shield also received a buff, which gives him a smaller shield in the early game, but a larger one in late game.

As Yasuo players like to use him in the mid lane, the magic resist and shield buffs in the late game are a welcome change, as the mid lane is mostly populated by mages.

His ultimate’s range also increased from 1,200 to 1,400, so he can respond to allied knock ups from even further away.

Draven loses more stacks upon death

Draven’s snowballing looks like it might be curbed in Patch 7.17, as he loses 75 percent of his stacks upon death instead of 50, and the bonus gold he gets when he kills an enemy to cash in on his stacks went from 50 gold to 25.

Draven has had the unique ability to bully the bottom lane while securing a faster snowball due to his passive. As he can build stacks by catching his axes and last-hitting minions, one slip up by his opposing laners could lead to an incredibly strong Draven. With the nerfs, each death means more, meaning that daring aggressive plays might see a slight downturn.

Malphite buffs

Malphite’s Q has changed in a number of ways. The ability has a lower cooldown of eight seconds at all ranks, lower mana cost at all ranks, and a flat movement speed steal of 25 percent. But it also does less magic damage, and the steal duration was lowered to three seconds from four. Malphite is a tank, so the lower damage might seem bad, but the flat 25 percent movement speed steal and lower mana costs will enable him to be more effective in keeping enemies from running away.

His W also received a new effect that interacts with his passive, which gives him a passive shield worth 10 percent of his maximum health when he’s not taking damage. When the shield is in effect, the passive bonus armor increase of his W is tripled, which currently scales from 15 percent to 35. The active portion of his W will also probably be affected by this, which does 15 percent of his total armor value as bonus physical damage. If the armor bonus is tripled, then his total armor value goes up, and so does his damage.

Invasion enabled for testing

The new Star Guardian game mode, Invasion, has been enabled to the PBE after being disabled Wednesday because of lag.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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