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Team Liquid wins TI7, spat between Penta and ex-manager

Our top stories from the weekend:

Penta’s ex-manager was accused of trying to influence the players to leave the org; he says he was threatened.

A Chinese League of Legends pro vowed abstinence after saying too much sex hurt his in-game performance.

Two EU LCS casters and the Team ROCCAT coach predicted winners of the promotional tournament outcome.

A League of Legends interview with Phoenix1’s Alex “Xpecial” Chu.

Longzhu’s Bdd had a breakout split after a peculiar two years.

SKT coach cCarter looked ahead to his team’s playoff match against Samsung Galaxy.

League of Legends patch 7.18 will be a week later than usual.

Top five plays from NA LCS Week 9.

Every new rune coming to League of Legends so far.

The Helsinki REDS launched a junior Overwatch team for players ages 13-19.

ESL announced the teams and schedule for the ESL New York qualifiers.

HellRaisers will try out ISSAA and woxic to fill two CS:GO roster spots.

Best from around the web:

League of Legends

Riot Games could form a Champions League-like structure for the EU LCS.

A profile of Unicorns of Love’s Samuel “Samux” Fernandez Fort.

An interview with TSM owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh.

Fnatic and G2 appear to be on a crash course again in the EU LCS playoffs.

An interview with UOL manager Romain Bigeard.

The top 10 solo kills in League of Legends history.

an interview with Lee “Faker” Seng-hyeok.


ESL added a ninth invitation to IEM Oakland.

Joshua “steel” Nissan’s team, Torqued, signed up for the ESL One New York qualifier.

Fnatic Academy withdrew from the ESEA Premier playoffs.

Tempo Storm confirmed the signing of the ex-Pain roster.


An interview with Immortals CEO Noah Whinston about having two LA franchises in Overwatch League.


Valve revealed new Dota 2 heroes during TI7.

How Team Liquid put together the run to win TI7.

OpTic Gaming won Call of Duty Champs 2017.



European League Championship Series (LoL)

H2K 2:0 Mysterious Monkeys

Vitality 2:0 Unicorns of Love

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Summer promotion

Team Liquid 3:0 eUnited

Phoenix1 3:2 Gold Coin United

The International 7 (Dota 2)

Upper bracket

Newbee 2:1 LGD Forever Young

Lower bracket

LGD 2:0 Invictus

Team Liquid 2:0 TBD


League Champions Korea (LoL)

Playoffs first round

SK Telecom T1 2:0 Afreeca Freecs

European League Championship Series (LoL)

ROCCAT 2:0 Misfits

Fnatic 2:0 G2

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Promotional tournament

Liquid 3:2 Phoenix1

eUnited 3:0 Gold Coin United

The International 7 (Dota 2)

Lower bracket final

Liquid 2:1 LGD.Forever Young

Grand final

Liquid 3:0 Newbee


European League Championship Series (LoL)

Splyce 2:0 Vitality

Unicorns 2:0 H2K

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Promotional tournament

Phoenix1 3:0 eUnited


(All times Eastern)

League Champions Korea (LoL)

Summer playoffs

SK Telecom T1 vs. Samsung Galaxy, 4 a.m. Tuesday


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