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Potential Ezreal buff and Urgot changes coming in League of Legends patch 7.17

An Ezreal buff and slight Urgot changes could be coming to League of Legends Patch 7.17
Ezreal changes are possibly on the way in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Along with splash art for the new Star Guardian skins, some champion changes, including an Ezreal buff and Urgot changes, were implemented Monday in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

Urgot received some experimental changes that were previously teased Sunday in a reply to a forum post about how to make Urgot smoother to play. RiotRepetoir talked in more general terms about “if you enter W with a target locked on, they’ll stay locked on for the whole W,” and the “E cast lockout following missed is being reduced by ~0.35 or something.”

The one concrete change that did make it through to the PBE as of publishing time was the slow that Urgot’s ultimate applied when it hits an enemy champion. Instead of three seconds, the tether now lasts four seconds. Keep in mind, that if the targeted enemy champion has less than 25 percent health, the ultimate activates again to instantly pull-in and execute that champion at the end of the tether. That one extra second could mean life or death in some situations.

Ezreal gets a buff

Ezreal received a much-needed buff with his new skin. His Q, Mystic Shot, has an increased attack damage ratio of 125 percent from the previous of 110. One of the more popular champions in professional play during the spring, Ezreal has fallen out of favor as the meta shifted. By buffing his Q, Riot looks as if it’s trying to increase the laning power of Ezreal, as the ability can be used for both farming and harass.

New music added

The Ornn login theme and the music used in champion select for the new Invasion game mode have also been added to the PBE before both go live in the next patch cycle.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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