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Check out the five new Star Guardian skins for League of Legends

Star Guardian skins were added to the League of Legends PBE on Monday.
Star Guardian skins were added to the League of Legends PBE on Monday. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Splash art for the new Star Guardian skins featuring Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka, and Syndra have all been added to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

The new batch of skins was announced Tuesday and follows the original five Star Guardian skins for, Lux, Lulu, Poppy, Janna, and Jinx. Since the announcement, a video trailer for the release in Japan, a new game mode called Invasion, and figurines of the first five Star Guardians have all followed, feeding into the Start Guardian frenzy.

The Star Guardian skins have been some of the game’s most celebrated and elaborate concepts. Along with new particle effects, custom recalls, and sound effects, the previous Star Guardian expansion also had a fully animated 3D music video in both English and Japanese. There was also an online quiz that players could take, which unlocked a summoner icon upon completion. The skins are heavily influenced by the designs of Japan’s magical girl genre of anime, and the original idea was a skin for only the champion Lux.

The new skins follow the skin line’s trend of unique sound effects, visual flairs, particle effects, and custom recall animations. The Syndra, Soraka, Miss Fortune, and Ezreal skins will all cost 1,350 Riot Points each (about $10), and Star Guardian Ahri will be 1,820 RP ($15). This is a trend that was mirrored with the previous release of the Star Guardian skins, as Star Guardian Jinx was the only skin that cost 1,820 RP.

As the most expensive of the bunch, Star Guardian Ahri will receive all of the new effects but also new voice lines, a unique recall animation and voice line interactions with certain champions. Check out all the skins below:

Star Guardian Ahri

Star Guardian Ezreal

Star Guardian Miss Fortune

Star Guardian Soraka

Star Guardian Syndra

Photos courtesy of Riot Games



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