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Riot likely won’t release further duo champions like Xayah and Rakan

Xayah and Rakan will remain unique champions, most likely
Riot Games will probably not add more champions that are a duo like Xayah and Rakan.

In the latest edition of “Ask Riot,” lead champions producer Ryan “REAV3” Mireles said there probably won’t be another release of two champions designed to have a unique synergy like Xayah and Rakan.

“Although anything is possible we likely wouldn’t add another unique synergy between two champions,” he wrote. “For one, the game would get very complicated very quickly if many champions had unique interactions that players had to keep track of, but more importantly, having these interactions are what makes Xayah and Rakan unique, and we wouldn’t want to take that away from them.”

The release of Xayah and Rakan was the first and so far only of its kind, with unique synergies built into their kits. Rakan’s dash-shield range doubles for Xayah, and Xayah’s attack speed boost is transferred over to Rakan. The two also have the unique ability to recall together, allowing them to get back to the fountain at the same time.

Game designer Evan “REVENANCER” Humphreys also talked about the addition of missions in the game, which have been part of new game modes, skin releases, and scheduled events. Ranging from playing certain champions to killing a certain number of minions, the missions were an interesting change of pace, especially given that Riot previously said it wouldn’t add them. REVENANCER said that the team is mostly happy with missions based on collected data.

“During VS, we looked at the effects of the various missions to ensure that we didn’t see significant negative effects on gameplay — longer game times, abnormal increases in kills — which would indicate that missions were causing problems,” he wrote. “We didn’t find any indications we were changing the game in either our data or in player feedback, and we did see lots of players having fun with missions. The biggest change we saw was an increase in bot games and normal games as players sought to more easily complete their missions.”

Some problems that he pointed out are missions that require players to play a certain queue, missions that require players to play a certain champion, and missions that are difficult to clear for users who play a certain role.


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