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On Cloud9’s CS:GO shuffle

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Cloud9 announced yesterday that tarik and RUSH were joining C9 in place of shroud and nothing. This makes sense because on paper, the two play at a similar pace to the two stars of the team, autimatic and stewie2k. On top of that, both shroud and nothing have been in weak form for most of the year with Cologne being the major exception. The question I have is about leadership as they still do not have a real in-game leader, someone who has had experience and a proven track record of molding a team like daps or FNS. Given that the two choices are tarik and stewie, I think the team should go with tarik. The reason being that both are star players, but stewie is the better player, so it would be better to try to ease the burden of stewie and let him focus on fragging.

As for how the team will work out, I think it should be a more loose system. The only two guaranteed roles within it are RUSH as one of the two entries and skadoodle on AWP. After that, depending on the form, situation and map, you can have either tarik or stewie entry with RUSH. As for who plays the coldzera or support role, the one where you  support with nades and then clean up the site and secure the post-plant situation, either autimatic or stewie can play that role. Whichever one is not doing that can play the lurk entry role on the other side of the map. As for CT-side, I think stewie and autimatic should continue having aggressive priority and have a better teamwork as a unit. Same thing for tarik and RUSH. Skadoodle is sort of a lone factor in all of this, but it was always going to be this way without a specific type of leader that can activate him.

Overall, I think this is an upgrade and should be the best NA team moving forward by a long shot.


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