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Betsy on the slow split: “Watching League is kind of boring, I think, at this point. It’s a bit too drawn out.”

Betsy said League of Legends has gotten boring to watch.
Betsy said League of Legends has gotten boring to watch. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

With Team ROCCAT and Misfits locked into their spots of the European League of Legends Championship Series, the two teams clashed in more of a showmatch than a competitive best-of-three during Week 10. Team ROCCAT chose to role swap with mid laner Felix “Betsy” Edling playing Nunu support in Game 1 and Nasus top in Game 2. Following the match, Betsy spoke with Slingshot’s Kelsey Moser regarding the team’s games, heavy practice schedules, and looking forward to next season.

Kelsey Moser: The most important question, why was Draven fundamental to your victory today?

Felix “Betsy” Edling: First of all, we didn’t think about it, because Pridestalker wanted to play Draven, too. But yeah, second game we wanted to play Vayne, I think, and Draven’s good into that champion, so we just decided to ban it.

KM: Also, you played Nunu. We’re seeing a lot more Ardent Censer played on things besides just Janna. Talk to me about the great benefits of Ardent Censer and Coin.

FE: I think Ardent Censer on champs like Trundle and slow champs in general is kind of overrated, but I just played something for fun because normally support is really, really boring, so I just played something that came to mind.

KM: Is that why you guys let Wadid run free today, because support is really boring?

FE: Yeah, pretty much. He had his clear mind what he wanted to play today, so we just let him play it.

KM: Nasus isn’t a boring champion to play at all.

FE: No, it’s not.

KM: But you played maybe more unconventionally with the Nasus. A lot more TPs than we normally see from the farming Nasus in solo queue.

FE: Yeah, I mean, like I have played it a lot, actually. Last season, it was my most played champ, so — since I played support in the first game, I thought it’s my turn to choose what to play. So I decided to play it. It’s really fun.

KM: You played it last split mid. There’s a slightly different circumstance there. When you’re playing Nasus top now since the changes, what are some differences?

FE: It’s kind of similar, actually. I think the play style is the same, but usually, if you survive the first levels and get to six without any troubles, you usually outscale any top laners.

KM: It seemed like Misfits’ Maxlore and Alphari were playing these kinds of solo queue combos. Is that something that you thought would be likely to happen?

FE: I know they’re good friends, so I was kind of expecting — actually, I didn’t know what to expect this game because first game, I actually thought they were tryharding from just seeing their picks. But then we saw they didn’t try to play serious too.

KM: You role-swapped both games. I heard this was actually something you maybe had in mind if the first series hadn’t mattered either, so was this something you were mentally planning?

FE: We were thinking about it before. I was personally not up for it the first series against G2, but then we had to play normal champs because it actually had an impact on the standings, but yeah, we didn’t want to play our own role. It would look a bit boring because we had nothing to play for anyways. So we just decided to swap every game, pretty much.

KM: You went 2-0 (while) not really scrimming, is my understanding. Is there a benefit to just playing ARAM in this current meta?

FE: I have no clue, but from my experience, not practicing is usually better for stage performance. Last season, for example, Noxus were not playing as well, and they were doing well, you know? I think it’s kind of chill because you don’t have to stress too much, and you don’t overthink if you play too much, but obviously we’re lucky as well. It’s not only that we didn’t practice, we’re kind of coin toss, so it’s a bit both, I think.

KM: Do you think it’s that sometimes you have a tendency to stress yourself out?

FE: I mean, yeah. Personally, I don’t think scrims are that fun anymore since I played for a bit. Taking some time off — at least some days — every week is probably better, at least for me, but I can’t speak for others.

KM: In the past, people have said your champion pool is not that strong. Is this series clear demonstration that you have a lot more versatility.

FE: Yeah. Actually, honestly, this split was not the best for me, so I can understand why people trash talk. But yeah, this series I got to play some fun, and actually, the last couple weeks, I played a bit better.

KM: Are you still looking forward and feeling motivated for next season?

FE: I mean — I’m kind of motivated, in a way. I’m actually looking forward to playing solo queue at home, I think, and just getting good again. Try it all over again, you know? I’m not 100 percent what I will do in future, but I still like the game from time to time.

KM: ROCCAT maybe didn’t have the best season in terms of results, but maybe you gained a lot of fans.

FE: Last split, we got more fans than this split. Personally, I think this split (was) slow. Not much happened. It’s a bit because LCS is kind of dying out, in EU at least. Mostly because of how the standings work, and also watching League is kind of boring, I think, at this point. It’s a bit too drawn out. I think last split, we got more fans than this split, but we’re still getting — people still like us, even though we’re not that good, you know?

KM: Any parting words you want to say to close the lid on this season?

FE: I mean — I guess thank you to the people who still support me. As always, it feels good when people are there even though you aren’t doing as good. So thank you to those people.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games