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The biggest difference between a star and support

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

With the FaZe roster being even more super than I imagined (olof, niko, rain, guardian, karrigan), I thought it was time to consider what the biggest difference was between a star player and a support player. There is a decent argument to be made that the role is arbitrary as even specific jobs someone does doesn’t qualify them as a support player. Coldzera for instance throws nades and holds the angles for flanks in splits or execs, things most other support players do, but we consider him a superstar.

The two biggest differences I think are impact and mindset. The impact Coldzera gives in his role as 3rd in is unmatched anywhere in the scene, and that’s why I consider him the star of SK Gaming. The other big difference is mental. Let’s take Kioshima: Why was he so bad in EnVyUs and so good in FaZe? It was purely a mental shift. He did not take that mental decision to help his teammates like he did when he eventually played under FaZe this year.

So when I look at the lineup now, you have to ask who is mentally ready to be a support role. Beyond Karrigan, I don’t know. It’s why I’m hesitant to say this team will be the immediate No. 1 because both Allu and Kioshima had that supportive type of mentality, and both had impact in those roles. But with this team you have four playmakers and Karrigan. This is a similar dilemma to what MSL faced earlier in this year when North removed RUBINO for aizy. They eventually failed because people had to take up RUBINO’s roles and beyond konfig playing B on t-side of cache, position for position, every player was worse than RUBINO was.


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