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EliGE’s eighth dimensional Yugioh game

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

I consider EliGE to be the best North American player in the CS:GO scene right now. What I didn’t consider was that he was also the best player outside of the game. From the outside it looks like he was indecisive, but look underneath the roster shuffle game and you realize this was all planned.

In the upcoming season, the five biggest threats to Liquid’s domestic dominance were SK Gaming, Cloud9, OpTic, ex-IBP and IMT. SK was too strong a team to make a change. Cloud9 never made changes despite needing to before. So EliGE set out to win the offseason before it had begun. But to trick his enemies, he first had to trick his allies.

At the 11th hour, it appeared EliGE was leaving Team Liquid and everyone was scrambling. He first considered ex-IBP so that the ex-IBP guys wasted precious hours considering him instead of other options. He then heard fnx was going to OpTiC. To stop this deal, he went to the IMT guys and said how it was disrespectful of the IMT guys to hire a sixth player as if they weren’t good enough. And in Portuguese he said that this would have never happened if they had teamed up with him, caralho. At first they were hesitant, but EliGE ending every sentence with “caralho” convinced them he knew enough Portuguese to make a stack. But they needed one more player, so EliGE reached out to fnx and the idea of a LUCAS1, HEN1, kNg and fnx stack formed and fnx pulled out of OpTic at the last moment. After that, he went back to Liquid, leaving chaos in the ex-IBP, OpTic and IMT teams.

Or maybe he was just feeling out his options before the offseason was over. But I like my version better.

Either way, think about this:

I was paid to write this.


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