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Lancer Zero Hecarim skin is now available in League of Legends

Lancer Zero Hecarim skin is available in League of Legends.
The latest loot-exclusive skin, Lancer Zero Hecarim, is available in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

The latest loot-exclusive skin, Lancer Zero Hecarim, is now available in League of Legends after its introduction to the Public Beta Environment on July 26.

The skin switches out the ethereal ghost centaur with some sleek white armor with gold accents and a jousting spear instead of his halberd. The skin has a unique recall animation, spell effects, particle effects, and even new sound effects as well.

As it is with all of the other loot-exclusive skins — such as Soulstealer Vayne, Hextech Annie, and Dreadnova Darius — players will not be able to simply purchase the skin through the store. The skin can be either crafted with 10 gemstones, which are randomly dropped through the in-game loot box system, or permanently unlocked if the player is lucky enough to get the skin shard randomly dropped from a loot box.

The Lancer Zero Hecarim skin has been under some criticism by the community, which seems to think that the skin is slightly underwhelming for a loot-exclusive skin, especially compared to the other exclusives. Loot-exclusive skins are quite coveted by players, not only because of the unique new designs and features of the skins, but precisely because the skins are so difficult to obtain, increasing their perceived value.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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