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Riot Games limits loot box purchases in League of Legends to save users from themselves

Riot Games implements limits on loot box purchases to save users from themselves.
Riot Games implements limits on loot box purchases to save users from themselves.

In the latest “Ask Riot” post Thursday, Riot Games revenue strategist Myke “DontHassleDaHoff” Hoff explained why there is a limit on how many loot boxes can be purchased in a 24 hour window.

“The part of ‘leaves you glad when you look back’ was a major factor when adding in the limit for Hextech chests, as we wanted to do what we could to avoid buyer’s remorse,” he wrote. “We’ve all heard stories of drunk purchase regret or a kid getting ahold of their parents’ account and racking up hundreds of dollars in microtransactions in a single day. Our goal is for players to feel good about all of their purchases, and these limits help ensure that as much as possible.”

DontHassleDaHoff referenced Riot’s previous post about the business model for League of Legends, which aimed to give a sense of satisfaction to the players even when looking back. As loot boxes give random items that the player has no interest in getting, it has an increased risk of giving the buyer a real sense of regret. The limit exists for the sake of the players, rather than being some arbitrary limit imposed on them

Fraudulent purchases are also a concern for the team, and though it’s also possible an account gets hacked to buy a bunch of random skins, DontHassleDaHoff writes that “it’s a little easier for us to interpret the intentionality of skin purchases versus the randomness of boxes” when it comes to determining if purchases were indeed fraudulent.

Based on purchase patterns, it’s actually quite rare for players to reach that purchasing ceiling, which leads to plenty of area to reevaluate the ceiling of purchases in the future.


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