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The FaZe question

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

The FaZe Clan CS:GO roster has been finalized with: rain, niko, olof, guardian, karrigan. It’s an amazing lineup on paper, but the question is how will this work?

I haven’t done enough research to give strong opinions about this, but here are some things we know. Four of the five players are playmakers. Karrigan must play a full supportive element cause there are way too many stars on this team and no one has the natural mindset to play a supportive team player role.

In terms of consistency it goes: NiKo, olof, rain, guardian.

In terms of peak in the last year it goes: NiKo, Rain, olof, guardian.

In terms of pure potential peak it goes: NiKo, olof/guardian, rain.

Given that, and the already existing roles in FaZe, I think Rain should be the dedicated entry fragger. he was already used like this in site hits anyway, but he should now play a supportive element in either helping olof, guardian or niko take map control and find picks.

The question is what to do with niko, guardian or olof. Among the three, the only one I think can play the coldzera role — third in, throw nades and then cleanup in small man/post plant situations — is NiKo. But he is also the best player on the team for opening up the rounds. On top of that, I think he prefers to be the one opening up the game and making plays — but so does the entire team.

Or they could go another way. Olof entry with karrigan, rain is the third in as his smarts can secure late rounds and the niko plays solo. So a 4-1 except the 1 is NiKo, so NiKo could win the entire round by himself.

There are a lot of variations you could run, but in the end, the question remains the same. Who is going to play the second supportive role on this team beyond Karrigan? I have no clue.


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