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Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode to be enabled for five days during League of Legends Patch 7.17

The Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode will be available for five days during League of Legends Patch 7.17.
The Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode will be available for five days during League of Legends Patch 7.17. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Hunt of the Blood Moon, recently added to League of Legends’ rotating game modes, will be enabled from Friday through Tuesday during Patch 7.17.

The game mode is a five-on-five assassin competition on Summoner’s Rift. After choosing their assassin from a pool of 20 champions — with 10 of them being free to all players — each team will have a competition to see which team can reach 350 points. Points can be earned in three ways; killing an enemy champion nets you five points, killing enemy spirits — which randomly spawn in each team’s jungle and marked on the map — nets you three points, and killing a demon herald — which spawn at Baron and Dragon pit — is worth 25 points.

The game mode is fast paced as it reduces ability cool down times, summoner spell cool down times and active items by 50 percent. Out of combat, all players have increased movement speed. To make the game even more kill-happy, most defensive items are disabled.

When a player kills three enemy champions without dying, they will receive the “Demon Brand” buff, which restores 100 percent of the champion’s maximum health after being out of combat for four seconds. The buff also grants indivisibility, increases movement speed, and enhances the player’s next attack to deal 20 percent of the first target’s maximum health bonus true damage.

All outer turrets and lanes will be disabled in this game mode, and six minutes into the game, the inner turrets will fall as well. Although it offers a wider area of action, the turrets will be invulnerable, which means that players will always be able to withdraw into their side of the map for safety.

First introduced in February, Hunt of the Blood Moon was added with the new Blood Moon skin releases for Jhin, Diana, Talon, and Twisted Fate. The game mode also had close ties to the lore of League of Legends, particularly Ionia’s Blood Moon Festival, a celebration of the region’s history and legends.

League of Legends Patch 7.17 will also feature the new star guardian skin set, the release of new champion Ornn, a plethora of champion tweaks and a new Preferred Item Slots feature.


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