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New League of Legends feature, Preferred Item Slots, allows players to have specific item slots

Preferred Item Slots is the newest League of Legends feature.
Preferred Item Slots is the newest League of Legends feature.

League of Legends Patch 7.17, which goes live Wednesday, includes a new feature called Preferred Item Slots that allows players to place specific items in their item slot of choice.

Under the “Collection” tab, players can create their own item sets based on each champion for each map. The new feature will further allow players to place specific items in specific slots, and the corresponding items will automatically be mapped to the item slot, without having to individually move them each time the players buys items.

Multiple items can be set to occupy the same slot, but only one item can take the slot at a time, which seems like a feature for those players who like to have a little variety in their builds. Switching item sets in game will also change the designated item slots of the new item set, with the default meaning there is no set preference. This doesn’t replace the player’s ability to change where the items go in game.

Other item changes

The long awaited Ardent Censer nerfs are finally in place in Patch 7.17. The bonus attack speed and health drain for shielded or healed allies is reduced to a flat 25 percent, instead of scaling from 20 to 35 percent based on level.

Gargoyle Stoneplate received a rather large bug fix. When activated near three or more enemy champions, the wearer will get a 100 percent health boost. But the bug also forgot to remove the 20 percent health boost that comes with the Cinderhulk enchantment for jungling items, leading to more health than intended. While this has been patched out, another potential change in dividing the health boost between base and bonus health has not been shipped.

League of Legends Patch 7.17 will also feature the new star guardian skin set, a brief return of the Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode, the release of the newest champion, Ornn, and a plethora of champion balance tweaks.


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