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Malphite changes pushed to League of Legends Patch 7.19

Malphite changes will be pushed to League of Legends Patch 7.19.
Malphite changes will be pushed to League of Legends Patch 7.19. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

After a brief experimental period with some Malphite changes in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment, any tweaking will not go live until Patch 7.19.

According to a dev corner post Tuesday by Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, the team is set on pushing his W as a physical damage counter but still unsure what other changes should be implemented. The changes will be pushed to patch 7.19, as Malphite is “performing OK already.”

Additionally, the preseason before the next competitive season expects to be quite large, as Riot will implement various new features, including the overhaul to the runes and masteries system.

“Short version is we’re expect preseason to be pretty messy for a little bit,” he wrote. “All preseasons are a bit chaotic, since there’s a lot changing, and this preseason’s likely to be the biggest yet, given the new Runes system will impact both champion and item balance more than any of our previous individual patches.”

Meddler qualified that the balance team will have a better idea on what needs work after the preseason goes live, and it will move to fix the issues “as soon as possible.” Part of the initiative will be “micro patches” that will tackle major issues that need to be fixed immediately instead of waiting for the usual patch cycle.

Upcoming Rune reveals

With the look into how Guardian Soul came into being, Meddler wrote that there seems to be a desire to see more utility or defensive rune choices, referencing three runes by name: Guardian Soul, Don’t Blink, and Perfect Timing. Some utility keystone runes in the Inspiration tree will be mentioned this week, but the sneak peek schedule after that is still up in the air.

Ryze changes

Ryze will get some changes to level out the difference in power he has in regular play and professional play, as he’s been incredibly strong in organized play after he was adjusted for regular play. Given Ryze’s complicated history with balance, Meddler wrote that the team couldn’t promise any immediate changes, but that it will look at changing Ryze the same way it did when Shen earlier in the year.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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