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OGN confirms LW Blue’s withdrawal from APEX

OGN confirmed LW Blue withdrew from OGN APEX.
OGN confirmed LW Blue's departure from the OGN APEX Overwatch tournament.

OGN announced Tuesday that LW Blue has withdrawn from OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4.

The announcement confirms a Fomos report from Monday that LW Blue would forfeit the rest of its matches in Season 4. According to the report, LW Blue left the league in order to compete in Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League.

According to OGN’s post, OGN officials were notified LW Blue’s impending forfeit of Wednesday’s match until almost midnight Monday night. The other teams placed in Group D with LW Blue will be rewarded with a full set win in future fixtures against LW Blue. OGN will also give full refunds to fans who purchased tickets for matches featuring LW Blue.

Between LW Blue’s reported intentions and the roster for Lunatic-Hai being confirmed as the representatives of Seoul’s Overwatch League roster, two of the top teams in the world appear set to go abroad. Lunatic-Hai is two-time APEX champions, and LW Blue was a perennial playoff team during its seasons of APEX.

LW Blue was also embroiled in controversy regarding the release of Jang “Luna” Gyeong-ho and Park “Who” Jae-hyeong. In a social media post, Luna explained that he was notified of his release the night before rosters for Season 4 were locked, and both he and Who would not be able to join another team in Korea because of the roster deadline. The fact the team no longer competes in APEX seems to add insult to injury with regards to those players.


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