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Mercy and D.Va changes go live in Overwatch PTR

D.Va and Mercy changes are live in the Overwatch PTR.
D.Va's changes went live Thursday in the Overwatch PTR. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

The latest update to Overwatch’s Public Test Realm includes major changes made to D.Va and Mercy, which will significantly change the way those heroes are played.

The D.Va changes were teased earlier this week by Overwatch principle designer Geoff Goodman. Her Defense Matrix ability — which nullifies any projectile attacks in an area in front of her — will now last half as long. D.Va was also given a new ability, Micro Missiles, which will deal damage on impact and in the area of explosion. In order to incentivize players to play her more aggressively, D.Va will be able to fire her primary weapon while firing her missiles, even when she is boosting.

The major rework for popular healer Mercy was also applied in the latest PTR update, which changed the way she is played. Her original ultimate, Resurrect, will no longer be her ultimate ability and will be a second basic ability and will only be single target, have a smaller activation range, and will no longer give Mercy invulnerability when cast.

Mercy’s new ultimate ability, Valkyrie, will allow her to fly for 20 seconds, boosting the effectiveness of her abilities during that time. The range of her Guardian Angel ability is increased, the range of her heal and damage boost beam is increased and chains to nearby allies, and Resurrect is also immediately reset, reducing the cool down timer of the ability.

A utility change for Reinhardt was also added to the PTR. Now when he deploys his Barrier Field, he can hold down his primary fire to change the camera angle. Previously, Reinhardt had to change the direction he was facing by moving the mouse, which also changed the direction of his shield. That created a potential opening that his opponents could exploit. With the new update, Reinhardt players will not be able to survey a larger area without having to compromise his defenses.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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