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New League of Legends rune Summoner Specialist allows players to change summoner spells in the middle of the game

The newest League of Legends rune, Summoner Specialist, allows players to change summoner spells in the middle of the game
Summoner Specialist allows players to change summoner spells mid-match. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

The newest League of Legends rune to be revealed will allow players to change summoner spells in the middle of the game.

In a dev corner post Wednesday, Riot Stashu detailed the new rune named Summoner Specialist. A player with this rune starts the game with one Summoner Shard, and gets one each time they use a summoner spell. With three Summoner Shards, the player can change their summoner spell of choice at the item shop. The rune also gives players an additional 15 percent cooldown reduction for summoner spells.

This is a game-changing addition, as summoner spells are the most powerful tools in a player’s arsenal. So far, the standard was that players needed to commit not only to a choice of two spells, but also to ridiculously long cooldown times because of the nature of the spells. Summoner Specialist seeks to undo both of those standards. Being able to mix and match summoner spells based on what is needed can immensely change the way the game is played. It could also be a headache to balance.

Stashu wrote he understands concerns will likely arise, and the dev team is “confident that we can answer these in the coming weeks.”

The other rune revealed Wednesday was Hextech Freezeray, which allows the first attack on an enemy champion to slow them for 1.5 seconds, making the active item slows create an icy zone around their target for five seconds and slowing all units inside by 70 percent. Ranged attacks will slow targets for 25 to 40 percent, while melee attacks will slow targets from 35 to 50 percent. The rune has a three to eight second per unit cooldown after activation.

The rune looks like it can be utilized as a pre-game boost and a tool to hunt down champions. What’s more interesting is the rune’s interaction with items that slow enemy champions as active effects, such as Blidgewater Cutlass and Hextech-GLP. As a substantial slow is applied in an area, the rune can be a powerful tool for assassins or teamfight compositions, as it can tie multiple opponents together in a small area. It is worth noting that items that slow enemies in an area upon activation — like Hextech-GLP — will create a smaller “slowing field” compared to single-target item slows.

Both of these runes are part of the Inspiration Tree, and are utility based runes. The new runes come after an Quick Gameplay Thoughts post on Tuesday, which said more defensive and utility runes will be revealed this week.

Riot Games has been in the process of overhauling the runes system in League of Legends by combining them with masteries and making them free. News about some of the new runes have tricked out in recent weeks. One will affect flash, while another allows players to go into gold debt to buy items. Another rune enhances a player’s attacking ability, while one lets players throw a meteor at the opponent’s head. Another one, Guardian Soul, allows players to shield allies by right-clicking them.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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