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Ornn originally had the ability to summon a freaking volcano

New League of Legends champion Ornn used to be able to summon a volcano
Ornn originally had an ultimate that summoned a volcano. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Ornn, the newest League of Legends champion, apparently used to have the ability to summon a volcano before it was eventually scrapped.

The Rioters who worked on creating Ornn held an AMA on the League of Legends subreddit Thursday, and they touched on abilities they added and removed during the process. One of them involved a volcano.

“My favorite ability that I scrapped was an ultimate I liked to call ‘Murderhenge,'” wrote Rioter RiotSquad5.  “Basically, Ornn spawned a volcano that erupted, spewing boulders around randomly in the area that would stun enemies they landed on. Ornn could then charge into any of the boulders, which would cause them to explode. The name came from the way the rocks looked in the world during the ult. Fun as hell, but way too random and noisy.”

Another scrapped ability was much more in-line with Ornn’s design as a blacksmith, as it allowed him to build special types of weapons on the spot for varying on-hit effects for a set number of auto attacks.

“One ability was his being able to upgrade his own hammer for brief periods of time or XX number of auto-attacks,” wrote Rioter FauxShizzle. “You could extra hammer it for AOE, refine it into a blade for piercing damage, or an axe for (crowd control).”

One of Ornn’s unique characteristics, the ability to upgrade items for his teammates, was actually cut out briefly before being re-added.

“The biggest obstacle was getting the super item for his teammates to work,” wrote Rioter Reav3. “We actually completely cut the feature at one point than ended up bringing it back as we didn’t feel like he was really hitting the blacksmith theme without it. It was difficult because we needed to make sure that a significant amount of his power budget wasn’t in a system that wasn’t super satisfying for Ornn to do himself.”


The new champion went live on Wednesday in League of Legends Patch 7.17 (though it will be disabled in professional play during the League of Legends World Championship). He is priced at 975 RP (around $7) or 7,800 IP for the first week, and 6,300 IP afterward.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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