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Mercy has a new ultimate called Valkyrie that lets her fly

Valkyrie, the new ultimate for Overwatch hero Mercy, lets her fly.
Mercy can fly with her new ultimate, Valkyrie. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Popular Overwatch hero Mercy will receive a rework, including a new ultimate named Valkyrie that allows her to fly for 20 seconds.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan revealed the changes Thursday in a developer’s update. Mercy’s original ultimate, Resurrect, will no longer be her ultimate and will become a second basic ability along with Guardian Angel. The basic version of Resurrect is now only a single target ability — so no more full team resurrections — with a sizable cooldown timer of 30 seconds. The radius of the ability is also reduced, and she will no longer be invulnerable while casting the ability.

Her new ultimate ability, Valkyrie, will now allow Mercy to fly around the battlefield for 20 seconds, boosting the effectiveness of her abilities during that time. While Valkyrie is in effect, the range of her Guardian Angel ability — which allows Mercy to dash to a target ally — is increased, as is the range of her heal and damage boost beam. Her Resurrect ability is also immediately reset upon entering Valkyrie, and the cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds during the duration of the initial cast.

Her secondary weapon, the Caduceus Blaster, will also receive a boost while in Valkyrie mode. The blaster will be granted with infinite ammo while also increasing the damage and fire rate of the weapon.

Kaplan explained the changes happened for two reasons. The first is that Mercy’s play style encourages players to stop healing and promote their team to die at once so she can resurrect them all at once, which is an unhealthy mindset for the game. The second is the fact that her ultimate canceled out team kills immediately, which can be disheartening to see from an opposing perspective.

The changes were applied Thursday in the most recent update to Overwatch’s Public Test Realm, where players can try out the revamped Mercy. The changes are expected to change the play style of Mercy quite substantially, promoting players to be a little more aggressive and mobile with her new ultimate ability.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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