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Championship Ashe will have a gold chroma variation that can only be unlocked by completing missions during worlds

Championship Ashe will have a gold chroma users will have to unlock
Championship Ashe will also have a gold chroma users will have to unlock. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Championship Ashe and the championship ward League of Legends skins will have golden chroma variations, though they won’t be available for purchase, according to a recent PBE forum post.

“Hello everyone! You’ll see on PBE soon the Championship Ashe Golden Chroma and the 2017 Golden Championship Ward,” the post reads. “These two items can be unlocked together via the 2017 Worlds Crafting store for 320 Tokens. These items will only be available via the tokens you can earn during Worlds. At the end of Worlds, we’ll be removing these from crafting. We’re making these items legacy to allow those of you that choose to, to have something that shows off that ‘you were there’ and that you crushed your missions during Worlds. These will be rare items, and we realize not everyone will be able to unlock them.”

The exact manner on how players will be able to earn those tokens is still unclear. But there seems to be specific “missions” that have been added during specified events — like the recent Arcade Boss World event — with access to exclusive rewards for those players who fulfilled the mission objectives. If the current trend is any indication, players will be able to earn tokens in a similar way.

The default versions of the skins will be available for purchase during this year’s League of Legends World Championship. A portion of the sales of the skins are expected to be added to the prize pool for this year’s worlds, as 25 percent of the sales of the Championship Zed and ward skin were added to the total prize pool of last year’s worlds to more than double the original pool.

The Championship Ashe and ward skin were added Friday to the Public Beta Environment, along with a new summoner icon that looks like it’s themed around the new skin for Ashe.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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