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One day after her rework goes live in the PTR, Mercy could already receive a nerf

Mercy will already receive nerfs in Overwatch after her rework went live in the PTR
One day after a rework was revealed in the Overwatch PTR, Mercy is in line for a nerf. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Mercy‘s rework hit the Overwatch Public Test Realm on Thursday, and the hero might already receive a nerf.

A now-infamous clip of popular Overwatch streamer Gale_Adelade diving in and killing multiple enemy heroes as Mercy shot to the top of the Overwatch forums, which prompted a response from principal designer Goeff Goodman.

“Her gun while using Valkyrie is a bit too strong at the moment,” he wrote. “The idea is for it to have some extra juice to be able to use it in more niche situations. Right now, it is strong enough that it is feeling like the primary way to use the ultimate, which isn’t intended. There is likely to be a good amount of tuning happening throughout this PTR cycle to iron this kind of stuff out.”

Mercy’s new ultimate, Valkyrie, gives a lot of extra power to Mercy’s sidearm by making it deal more damage and have infinite ammo. That, coupled with Ana’s ultimate ability Nano Boost — which increases the damage output and reduces damage taken for a single allied hero — created the unintended yet hilarious outcome of the healing support literally going into the enemy team and killing everyone.

But it seems like Mercy doesn’t even need the Nano Boost to deal a lot of damage. A match highlight from ROX Orcas’ Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon labeled “PTR Mercy, the Pharah counter” shows the professional player flying around as Mercy and killing a lot of enemy heroes while nothing but her ultimate is in effect.

Although the Developer Update video from Thursday explicitly stated that the team wanted to give some more power to the “Battle Mercy” players out there, there is a strong feeling that she’s over-balanced in the PTR.

Changes Mercy and D.Va were both added Thursday to the PTR, and they’ll likely undergo further testing before hitting a live patch.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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