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Pro Overwatch players react to Mercy rework

Pro Overwatch players had hilarious reactions to the Mercy rework
Pro Overwatch players had hilarious reactions to the Mercy rework. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Following a pretty massive rework for Mercy, one of Overwatch’s most loved — or hated, depending on who you ask — heroes, there have been triumphant laughs, salty rage, and overall hilarity.

With the change of Mercy’s ultimate ability, which used to be able to resurrect her whole team but now only one at a time with a large cool down, there were the inevitably upset Mercy mains who will have to change the way they play her. To some prominent Overwatch players, though, the rework was welcomed, with some seemingly more enthusiastic than others.

It’s become somewhat of a inside joke that Mercy one-trick players are almost universally hated by the community. Whether it was because Mercy mains are perceived to be boosted by their teammates, or because Mercy players tend to stop healing altogether when their ultimate is up to get the sick five-person Resurrect, this perception seems to be the same even in the upper echelons of competitive play in Overwatch.

But as soon as the rework hit the Public Test Realm on Thursday, clips of players actually using Mercy as a DPS started floating among pro players. As her new ultimate lets her literally fly and gives her pistol infinite ammo and more damage, Mercy went from “pretty cool update” to “unintentionally broken new DPS hero.”

(Translation: lololol if this makes it live, then I can be first in the rankings with it.)

The unintended result will be rectified soon, as Overwatch’s principle designer Geoff Goodman said that they’ll be scaling the extra damage output of her pistol while under the effects of her ultimate down a bit. But that won’t stop the memes.

As the changes are tested, more are expected to come, and there is no set date as to when the changes will move from the PTR to the live patch. Whatever the changes for Mercy will look like in the future, the changes have already created a roller coaster of emotions for players of Overwatch.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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