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Ornn is causing allied players to make poor item purchases

The decision to issue a hotfix to League of Legends champion Ornn went beyond simply his win rate.

In a dev corner post Tuesday, Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon went into the context behind why Ornn has performed the way he has since his release in Patch 7.17.

“He’s performing better, though still looks on the weak side,” he wrote. “Next step’s going to be looking at his passive, in particular ways it’s baiting at least some people into poor item choices. Should see some changes on the PBE shortly looking to change that (upgraded items not available until Ornn’s a certain level being the starting point). We’ll then be assessing how his performance is going over the course of the week, see if we need to make other changes in the next patch or before.”

Ornn’s unique passive allows allies to buy upgraded versions of certain offensive and defensive items, but what was supposed to be an added benefit for having the forge god on the team has somewhat backfired. Players are often blinded by the statistical improvements of the upgraded items, leading to poor itemization or rushing certain items even though it’s not the right timing. Those decisions can lead to bad games, which contribute to the losses Ornn has experienced.

A limitation of when allies can buy upgraded items based on Ornn’s own level might be the right answer to curb the tendency of players to buy item upgrades. The balance team will have plenty of time to work on Ornn, as he won’t be available for this year’s League of Legends World Championship, creating a much larger window to work out the problems.

More information on the Inspiration tree for the new rune system

With the continued overhaul of the game’s rune system, Riot has given peeks into defensive utility runes in the Inspiration tree.

The traits of the Inspiration tree are tankiness, room to break the game’s rules (to an extent), the inclusion of kiss or curse effects, and adaptability over power. The Inspiration keystone runes announced last week fit these descriptors so far, as one keystone rune allows players to change Summoner Spells in the middle of the game, and another activates a shield for allies.

Meddler also talked more about keystone runes specifically. As the most powerful runes, keystone runes will be designed to impact the way users play the game, as well as giving more optimization options compared to the other runes. With a limitation of just one keystone rune per player, each one will come at a large opportunity cost, as players will have to make a choice of going for one powerful ability over another.

Spectator mode gets some more cleanups

With better team indicators in the most recent update to spectator mode, another round of maintenance will be applied soon. Future targets include removing indicators of small amounts of gold income, and some critical hit texts.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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